It is time to roll that stone away! Success is Sequential and not simultaneous.

Even a massive locomotive, with all the power under that diesel engine will not manage to move if it has a stone is on the rail track next the the wheel of the train. Every successful entrepreneur knows that you gonna have to move that stone. That powerful engine may have what it takes to increase momentum once it going, but until it is going and the stone is rolled away, there is no movement.

What stone is holding you back from you gaining momentum that you know is in you but you have not yet experience it? You know inside you there is more. You also know there is a dream that you have not told many people…. yet!!!!

Look, you have the power of a locomotive and you are just sitting in that station. It is time to roll that stone away and turn up that power.

Success is Sequential and not simultaneous. You gotta find that first domino. You gotta knock it over. You gotta keep on knocking it until it is down….. because once that first domino is down, watch out, the world has not seen nothing yet. The second domino will come down. A domino of 2 inches has the power to knock over another domino of 50% larger than itself and therefore knocking over a 3 inch domino. The 10th Domino will be as large as Peyton Manning who is 6.5 feet tall. The 18th Domino will be as large as the leaning Tower of Pisa. The 23rd Domino will be as large as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.The 31st Domino would be Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on this planet. The 57th Domino would be the distance to the moon. Who knows where the 58th domino would be.. and we talk about reaching the stars?

Sequentially speaking, your life has some massive Dominos just standing there waiting for you to knock them down. You cannot start at the 15th domino. Just start with the first one.

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