What Do Successful People Know?

Successful people know that You gotta get that stone away. A massive locomotive diesel engine has the ability to move a mile long cargo train. They also know that a train is so powerful and has so much potential momentum. They also know that to stop it is not that easy. They know that this same train with the “Ginormous” powerful engine will not be able to move if there is a stone on the track in front of the wheel. The train can rev it’s engines, blow out smoke, can shake and shunt and do what ever it wants, it will never move until the stone is rolled away.

On December 13th, 1996 I was visiting New Orleans. I was at the Riverfront mall that afternoon where the Mississippi River runs passed. I was amazed at seeing and hearing stories how these massive ships travel the mighty Mississippi. The following day (less the 24 hours later where I was standing) a massive cargo freighter ship came down the river but realized it was coming to fast to make the turn. They knew this way even before the turn. The ship’s Captain blew distress signals trying to warn the people at the mall. The ship collided with the mall and holiday shoppers and tourist panicked and fled. The impact collapsed a few floors in the mall. Momentum can be powerful and cause phenomenal results, good and bad.

Many years ago, when I was living in South Africa and a neighbor of ours told me a story as a young boy. These neighbors were wealthy. They had moved from Holland. He had started a painting business where they would paint houses and commercial structures. He told me that the first million took years but the second million came really fast. He said “You gotta get that first million”.

You are like a powerful diesel locomotive, you have a massive vision and destiny and you are called to deliver a lot of cargo to this world and impact people, but you ain’t going any where until you move that stone that is holding you back. My question is what stone is sitting on your track that is holding you back?

Successful people know that getting Extraordinary results is about creating the domino effect. They know the stone on the railway track is like the first domino. They know they gotta work that first Domino and work it and work it and work it until the first domino falls. They know that every day they have to line up there dominos. Every single day, day after day they have to find their lead domino (priority) and they have to hit it and hit it until it falls down. Once they got the first one down, they know the second one is about to topple.

Successful people know that Extraordinary Success is geometric and not Linear. What happens is that each domino can topple another domino that is 50% of its size. The second falls down, then the 3rd. The 10th domino is the size of Peyton Manning. The 18th domino is the size of the Leaning Tower of Piza. The 23rd domino is the size of the Eiffel Tower. The 31st is the size Mount Everest. The 57 th domino is the distance from earth to the moon. This is looked as Geometric Progression or Geometric Sequence. Lets not focus on the 10th domino. Lets focus on the first domino. Let that be your “One Thing”.

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