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My Epoch Challenge is a 99 Day Challenge. It focuses on forming powerful life long habits that bring about Phenomenal Success and Joy.

It comprises of highly significantly unique momentous weekly events over the 99 days using various technology platforms such as conference calls, webinars, websites and video conferencing.

  • It breaks patterns & is a disruptor of a persons status quo
  • It is a Life tune up. You want your life to run on all “8 cylinders”, that is on all 8 categories. Do you ever regularly Tune your vehicle? Do you regularly tune your life?

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Epoch is a period of time…

in a person’s life,

typically marked by notable events…

such as the My Epoch Challenge.

5 years of focused research shows the sweet spot for habits to be formed are 66 days. Around Day 33, habits start taking off.

99 Day Tracker divided into three 33 days

  • 33 days for “Take Off”
  • 33 days for “Ascend”
  • 33 days for “Cruise”

1 review for My Epoch Challenge

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kurt Francis

    I knew I had to change my diet. I had to get rid of the amount of sugar I was consuming. My Epoch Challenge allowed me to create a habit of living without sugar. At at 33 I started to feel really different. AND yes, by day 66 I had formed a habit that has transformed my life. I allow myself some deserts now and again, sometimes once per week. I never thought this was possible. Day 99 I was cruising in the life style I wanted to live. No, I want to break through other areas of my life.

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